Thursday, December 11, 2014

My New Raw World

I've been SO interested in raw foods...and the raw lifestyle....of late!  It doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?  It's winter in northern's cold....and local, fresh fruits and veggies are long gone :)  Go figure.  I want to make very clear that I do not endorse anything radical in the raw world...such as a 100% raw diet.  But I definitely believe that America is NOT getting enough fruits and veggies...and other nutritious raw goodies.  So...I've been reading about eating raw...and I've been viewing many you tube videos.  My favorite raw food "gurus" are Matt and Angela Monarch from The Raw Food World.  They are 100% raw, but they commend anyone eating more whole foods...and moving away from refined sugar and processed starches (white rice, pasta, bread). 

I have made a conscious decision to add more greens into my diet...and to monitor how I am feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  For the last two days I have made myself a green drink.  Today's "greenie" consisted of organic baby greens and spinach, organic celery, and organic kiwi fruit.  I blended it up in my trusty Vita Mix :)  By using raw, organic fruits and veggies...I am feasting on all the vital enzymes in these foods.  By blending these yummies, I am making it super-easy for my body to assimilate the nutrients and USE them.  That's what it's all about :)  If I can't digest, absorb, and assimilate the goodies in my food...they do me no good.  Absorption happens in the digestive tract, and assimilation happens at the cellular level.  I want healthy cells!

Here's a picture of this morning's green smoothie.  I think I'll call it Kiwi Delight :) I'm sitting here at Barnes & Noble trying to get my picture to upload...but it's not :(
I'm going to post my post on Facebook and add the picture there.