Sunday, May 10, 2015

Walkin' in the Rain!

      After a quite substantial Mother's Day meal at my daughter Angie's, I came home ready to take a walk.  It was lightly raining, which made the idea even more appealing :)  I grabbed my brand-new umbrella and set out around the subdivision.  It felt so good to move my body...and to BE out in the weather.  My first GOOD the rain is for all of us....the trees, the robins, the earth... 
It's easy to bemoan the rain...but what if it didn't rain?  And then I noticed the SOUND of the rain...hitting my umbrella...landing on the newly-sprung leaves on the trees...running down the street to the storm drain.  How blessed we are to have water...and even to have storm drains!   Then it started to rain harder.  It was coming down straight, and there was little wind.  My umbrella kept me sheltered as I SLOWED DOWN to navigate puddles.  I soon gave up on dry feet.  I was in sandals, and the air was warm.  Cars rushed past...and I wondered if they thought me silly to be out in the rain.  But I didn't care...and I didn't want to be in a dry car.  I was beginning to feel a part of the trees, the birds, the flowers, and the rain.  I began to feel CONNECTED.  I was nourished at Angie's with tasty food.  I was nourished on my walk with the energy of nature and a spring rain!