Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time for Real Food

      I just finished reading an article about the reality...or lack thereof...of purchasing and preparing REAL FOOD.  By REAL FOOD...I mean whole and nutritious food that is unrefined.  The woman who wrote the article, Lori Hernandez of Third Day Farms, attends a church that participated in The Daniel Plan.  A component of The Daniel Plan deals with diet and nutrition.  Most of the people in that church group came to the conclusion that following the plan was unrealistic.. too much time needed for shopping and preparing...and too much money needed to purchase the REAL FOOD.  It's all does take time and money.  For the majority of the time humanity has existed, we have spent much our days looking for food, cultivating food and preparing food.  It is only in relatively recent history that acquiring nutrition can take such little time.  Frozen food...sit-down restaurant food...prepared entrees are quick answers to "What's for dinner?"  I know some people that don't cook at all.  I know someone who has never used her oven...ever.  I am not casting judgment.  But the fact remains that we are a sick nation...sick with chronic, degenerative diseases.  Something has to give.  Are we too busy to improve our health?  What activity or obligation in our day could be shifted to allow time for family cooking and meal times....time for a trip to the Farmers Market...or a local orchard?  Not everyone loves to cook...and I get that :)   Could we form a network of family and friends that can share the tasks involved in enjoying REAL FOOD?  What about bartering skills and services for REAL FOOD?  I urge you to think outside the box.  Health is a gift you can give yourself each and every day :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A New Store-Bought Hummus Find!

**Before I begin.....My trip to El Paso was so packed with family time that I did not blog anymore after that Houston Airport post.  It was wonderful to just sit and chat with loved ones that live so far away.  There was plenty of good food on that trip.  The most impressionable was a chicken quesadilla meal at Kiki's.  There is NOTHING like AUTHENTIC Mexican food...the seasoning on the chicken...the exquisite flavor of the corn tortilla....the uber-fresh sour cream....etc....
I just had to rave!  If you are ever in El Paso, Texas....please check out Kiki's on North Piedras :)

And now, on to my post for today...
      After Fresh Thyme Farmers Market opened in Mishawaka, I spent several trips just perusing the departments looking for old favorites and new finds.  I see it as my obligation to check out new foods and brands...and, of course, taste them :)   I ran across Oasis brand hummus...a new one to me.  I usually make my own hummus; but there are times when purchasing a high-quality store-bought product just makes sense.  This hummus (referred to on the packaging as hommus...ethnic spelling) is unique in that it contains no oil.  I tried the Spicy Mediterranean version...and it was very tasty with a little kick!  Oasis makes a wide variety of bean and eggplant spreads, salsa, tahini (sesame seed paste), and pita bread.  I have listed the attributes of Oasis hummus that qualify it as my opinion :)
*Made simply with chickpeas, water, sesame tahini, lemon juice, fresh garlic & sea salt
*No added oils
*Nutrient-dense: lots of nutrition in a few calories
34 calories in 2 tablespoons
*No preservatives
*Certified Non-GMO
*heart healthy
*packed with antioxidants
Here's a pic of my lunch with Oasis hummus on a Dr. Kracker cracker with fresh avocado!

Learn more about NOURISH and me at

Saturday, April 2, 2016

I found nutritious food in the Houston airport!!

Right at this minute, I am sitting in the Houston airport enduring a 2 hour delay of my flight to El Paso.  Sigh :(     I'm with my mom...and traveling to visit my brother and his family.  I'm so glad I brought along my trusty laptop!  It's been a while since we ate lunch...and it will be a while until we reach El Paso.

So....I went for a walk looking for a banana!

It is amazing what a nutrition nerd can find in an airport these days.  I scored a bottle of Odwalla Superfood Smoothie....found my banana....and some fresh melon & pineapple.  I am almost entirely sure that none of this is organic, but the Odwalla juice IS NON-GMO :)   It's that old idea of "the lesser of two evils". 

Just found out that the flight will be leaving a bit sooner :)

Stay I will be blogging during my short-but-sweet stay in El Paso!

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