Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cooking Efficiently #2...or How I Turned Last Night's Leftover Chicken into Jambalaya!

Well...last night I used previously baked potatoes
to create some very tasty twice-baked potatoes :)
Carrying on with the theme of using what I already have on hand...
I took the leftovers from last night's Instant Pot whole chicken
and made some Jambalaya!
How did I come up with Jambalaya?
I looked around my kitchen and pantry for some inspiration :)
"'s a packet of organic Jambalaya seasoning.
Maybe there's some sausage down in the freezer.  Yes, there is!
Better go bring up the Instant Pot from the basement.
I'm sure glad I bought more brown rice on Tuesday.
Think I'm going to prepare the rice in the leftover broth that I saved.
That will really boost the flavor of the whole dish :)
Ohhh...I'll use some frozen peas to finish things off!"

While my rice was cooking in the Instant Pot,
I baked the sausage.
After it cooled, I cut it into thin slices.
I cut up the leftover chicken...and I was ready to go!
After the rice was done, I added the Jambalaya seasoning...
and then the chicken, sausage and peas.
So easy and delicious :)

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